Opening Day

The 2011 season has begun.  Everything is as on track, as it can be.

What it is ?  The mission is to travel to all 30 MLB ball parks, in 30 days.  The journey begins in Detroit.  At this point the start date is not being posted, though it is set in stone.  Since I must return home anyway, might as well go the extra mile.  31 games in 31 days, getting to all 30 stadiums. (two games at Comerica Park in Detroit, the first and the last)

Who ?  Right now, just me.  I had a second person that was interested but he’s dropped out in the last month.  I’m kind of hoping he’ll reconsider but I doubt it.  At this point I’ve just started planning to get the feelers out there, to pick-up some baseball hitchhikers that might want to go on some part of the trip.  Anyone that can cut into the cost a bit would be cool.

Budget ?

Total trip mileage…15, 647 ballpark to ballpark by the route selected.  Assuming 16 K in a car that gets 40 MPG, you’re looking at 400 gallons of gas (400 X $4 per gal= $1600 bucks)

Car…rental. 30 days, unlimited miles in the continuous 48.  $750 dollars.

Rooms ?  30 nights @ 35 a night.  (average)  Call it $1100 dollars.

Tickets ? 30 games @ $15 bucks a piece= $450. (I think I can shave this a bit)

Foodstuffs…whatever.  Ya gotta eat when you’re hungry.

Total cost $about $4,000.  Give or take.  Obviously going with 2 (or 3) people makes the trip more affordable.  It is a once in a lifetime thing though.


All I can say is the drop dead date is May 12th.  On (or right around) that date the trip will be a 100 % go, or off the board to be planned for another time.


The hardest part was the game to game logistics.  Had to wait till game times were posted (by MLB in late January) to see where I had to be next.  Literally went through 50 templates.  I have one that works perfectly.  The parameters to qualify is to EITHER be there at the first pitch or the last pitch of a game, but ALWAYS be there when the game goes official at the end of the 5th.  (I really don’t making full games will be a problem, except in MAYBE 2 or 3 cases)

I have been busy since my last post on Valentine’s Day.  Just felt no need to update.  With what ?  Well, I was looking for some sponsors.  Needless to say no one was interested to be on board (and affording me free or discounted stuff 🙂 for the publicity this might generate, though I still have some hope that some of my letters and e-mails that I’ve sent will be answered in a positive manner.  Like I’ve been saying to others, ya can’t make people give you stuff.  No big deal.


In being part of the trip ???

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