Dateline: Flagstaff, AZ

Hello – Mission Control here.

Base is settled into his motel room in Flagstaff, AZ.

Earlier this evening he was rear-ended by a driver who somehow failed to notice the 2011 Chevy HHR was waiting at a stop sign to make a turn. The impact flattened both rear tires and shattered the glass in the rear door. Base smacked his jaw pretty hard on the steering wheel and his back is bothering him, but he is otherwise fine. We suspect bruises and other pains will surface as time goes on.

We have business to tend to tomorrow and hopefully we can get him on a train out of Flagstaff in the next few days. He’s a little disappointed that he couldn’t complete his adventure, but is still certain is can be done.

As a aside, the Arizona Diamondbacks won this evening’s game 14-5, due largely because Base couldn’t make it to the game to jinx then (the other 4 home teams lost with him in attendence).

Sorry Marlins.

Again, from both of us, thank you for the well wishes! He can’t wait to tell you everything upon his return to Michigan.

And now, we bid you – adieu …

Hello – Mission Control here.

Unfortunately, the Adventure has come to an end. Details are still coming in, but BaseIsLife should be heading home in the next few days.

Stupid fortune-telling signs.

I can tell you that Base will not be making the game tonight in Phoenix, or any of the subsequent games, as he was rear-ended this evening in Winona, AZ, outside of Flagstaff. As of this writing, he is in Flagstaff Medical Center, being looked after. He may have a concussion and/or whiplash, but we’ll know more in a few hours. They’re running CT-scans and he’s feeling pretty much like he got rear-ended. He hurts, he’s tired and he would very much like to come home, as soon as they release him.

Mission Control will be responsible for getting him home, though I haven’t figured out how just yet. I’ve got an evening and a few days of phone calls and information gathering ahead of me.

On his behalf, thank you all for your well wishes on his trip. It meant a lot to him to know that so many people were excited for him. Now we’ll work on bringing him home.