And now, we bid you – adieu …

Hello – Mission Control here.

Unfortunately, the Adventure has come to an end. Details are still coming in, but BaseIsLife should be heading home in the next few days.

Stupid fortune-telling signs.

I can tell you that Base will not be making the game tonight in Phoenix, or any of the subsequent games, as he was rear-ended this evening in Winona, AZ, outside of Flagstaff. As of this writing, he is in Flagstaff Medical Center, being looked after. He may have a concussion and/or whiplash, but we’ll know more in a few hours. They’re running CT-scans and he’s feeling pretty much like he got rear-ended. He hurts, he’s tired and he would very much like to come home, as soon as they release him.

Mission Control will be responsible for getting him home, though I haven’t figured out how just yet. I’ve got an evening and a few days of phone calls and information gathering ahead of me.

On his behalf, thank you all for your well wishes on his trip. It meant a lot to him to know that so many people were excited for him. Now we’ll work on bringing him home.

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I'm the cat with the Base and drum.

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