For what tis worth, the rules…..

As someone once said, “Rules, there are no rules”

For those that might want to peek back at the archive of the failed trip attempt in 2011, you may do so….for me, back then, I was going to attempt to see every pitch of every game…..though not committed to it.

Since seven years ago I have refined & defined any such standard too, for there is no substitute for being safe on the road, as follows:

Being at the ballpark for the first pitch, or the last.
MUST BE there at the 7th inning stretch.
I think these are conditions I can live with.

I have no issue missing the top of one…..or a bit more. I have no desire to hang around a game that is like 11-2 in the eighth and ninth innings. I can listen to the end said game on the radio, as I get towards the next spot.

Not going to try to eat or drink anything at a ballpark. Under normal conditions, I have been known to spend a good deal of loot on ballpark food. I have NO ISSUE whatsoever, as to the prices of things. It is just that on the road, and under conditions of trying to eat healthy while on the journey, that probably does not run concurrently with a big-ol plate of nachos.

Believe me, though, I enjoy a dog and a beer at a game. And tis more likely that I’ll indulge over the course. the enjoyment is in the experience…….experiences should never (or rarely) be uncomfortable.

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