Good Morning, day two.

From Rochelle, Ill.  Yesterday being the first day of the holiday weekend, I underestimated the number on the road.  Not that I didn’t remember.  I just thought there wouldn’t be too many.

The original idea (with 2 people on the trip) was going to allow for me to post more often.  Between sleep and road time, a coupleposts a day might be all I can manage.  We’ll see.

Part of that idea was for me to give an accounting of the action of the games I saw.  I still will do that, but between driving and seeing the action, It doesn’t leave a lot of time to type and post it out.

In regard to the games, I got to see San Francisco rookie Brandon Crawford’s first hit in the Major Leagues.  A first pitch change-up that he hit 400 + feet, for a grand slam HR.

Shaun Marcum, the Milwaukee starting pitcher, was pitching well into the 6th inning.  Then got a little wild, loading the bases with two walks after two were out.  The he got introduced to Crawford.  It was his last pitch of the game.

I also got to see Ricky Weeks (Milwaukee second-baseman) commit the cardinal sin.  Makin’ the third out at third base.  He tagged up and tried to advance on a fly out to left field. (wasn’t really that deep)

I shook my head, and spoke as if to a ten year old.  “‘It’s amazing how fast that ball gets there, ain’t it ???”

Rochelle, Ill to Big Springs, Nebraska today.  No game today, saw two yesterday.  Denver for the Colorado Rockies @ 1:10 pm Sunday.

Happy Memorial Day all.

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