On the road to Boise

Mission Control, here.

With Game 1 in the books (Rockies vs Reds), Base booked it to Laramie, WY for some well-deserved sleep. Today is a travel day where he’ll travel to Boise, ID to overnight, so he’s already got an early start. It’s 700 miles and a 10-hour trip, so delays are out of the question if he wants to get a good night’s rest. There may a post-game report on last night game as soon as Base settles in for the evening, or he may dictate from the road. The day is young, so we’ll see.

He’ll be taking the most direct route – 80 to 84. There’s some construction on 84, but he’s got Sirius XM in the car so he’ll be well entertained.

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Author: Mission Control

I'm the cat with the Base and drum.

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