3 thoughts on “Tickets for wrigley and miller park for friday. Chicago & Milwaukee.”

  1. Good Luck! Would love to see your matrix or schematic or list reflecting: Date/City(teams playing)/Mileage to next. I have difficulty imagining anyone without a private plane accomplishing this magnificent feat. I realize there are many games to choose from on FRI thru MON, but wonder if you’re going to have to attend minor league games mid-week?

    1. Thanx for the well wishes. Monti says you’re in Seattle ???

      I will be posting the itinerary tomorrow B4 leaving on the route.

      The 30 are all the MLB stadiums. No minor league parks.

      I will be at Safeco Field on June 2. Tampa Bay Rays Vs. M’s, 7:10 pm.

  2. I’m in Portland. A big-little city without a MLB team. Mariners suck. Safeco is ok. It’d be better if it wasn’t in Seattle where the traffic is worse than the Mariners.

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